Turkey’s ‘arsonist serial killer’ had accomplices: Report

Turkey’s ‘arsonist serial killer’ had accomplices: Report

Turkey’s ‘arsonist serial killer’ had accomplices: Report

Mehmet Ali Çayıroğlu

A 44-year-old man who is accused of killing 13 people in northern Turkey by burning them alive had accomplices who are yet to be apprehended, Turkish media reports said on Sept. 10.

Mehmet Ali Çayıroğlu, who established an animal farm in the northern province of Ordu last year, was arrested last week for killing eight people.

Daily Vatan reported on Sept. 10 that Çayıroğlu was targeting defenseless, sometimes older villagers. He approached them for trade, but attacked them and burnt their houses while they were unconscious inside before stealing their animals.

Police sources said Çayıroğlu was arrested for eight killings, but latest findings showed that he was the main suspect in five more similar murders in the neighboring Samsun province.

Two survivors in arson attacks reportedly told the police that he had two accomplices, who were transporting and butchering animals stolen by Çayıroğlu, who was described by Turkish media as a serial killer.

Investigation continues to nab the two suspected accomplices of Çayıroğlu.