Turkey tops gasoline tax list in Europe

Turkey tops gasoline tax list in Europe

ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency
Turkey tops gasoline tax list in Europe

Cars fuel up in a gas station in Istanbul in this file photo. Turkey leads European countries in the amount of tax collected from gasoline sales, says an association. DAILY NEWS photo, Emrah GÜREL

Turkey has the highest gasoline taxes in Europe and ranks third after the United Kingdom and Sweden in taxes on diesel gas, according to newly released data.

“Turkey imposes the highest tax on gasoline, with a 1.04 euro per-liter tax,” said Petroleum Industry Foundation of Turkey (PETDER) in a March 2 statement. The total volume of the indirect taxes on petroleum sector has reached to $235 billion Turkish liras in last six years, according to the data.
Turkey is followed by the U.K. with a 0.92 euro tax, and Sweden with a 0.89 euro tax. The taxes on gasoline in France, Finland and Slovakia are 0.86, 0.81 and 0.79 euros respectively.
Among European countries, Slovenia has the lowest tax on gas at 0.47 euros.

Highest tax on diesel

The U.K. has the highest tax on diesel gas at 0.94 euros, followed by Sweden and Turkey at 0.80 and 0.77 euros respectively. Luxembourg has the lowest tax on the diesel gas at 0.48 euros.
According to PETDER’s statement, high taxes on gasoline and diesel gas increase the financial burden on the private sector in Turkey.