Turkey to set up presidential offices

Turkey to set up presidential offices

Nuray Babacan - ANKARA
Turkey to set up presidential offices

Turkish authorities are planning to set up presidential offices that will be looking into several subjects, as part of the country’s shift to an executive presidential system.

Efforts have been ongoing on the implementation of adjustment laws since the April 16 constitutional referendum, in which some 51.4 percent of over 58 million Turkish voters said “yes” to the ruling Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) constitutional amendment package in a tight race to decide on whether to shift to an executive presidential system.

The topic that has stood out while working on the adjustment to the new system that will be introduced after the 2019 elections is “changes in the state structure.”

Two suggestions have been made on the subject. One is to transfer all the authorities and duties of the Prime Ministry to the presidency. The other suggestion is the formation of a completely new structure just like in the countries governed by a presidential system.

Since the second one was the most preferred, authorities have started to examine the state structure of the countries ruled by presidential systems and decided to establish structures similar to the “offices” linked to the presidency.

The offices that will be set up in accordance with the work fields of the ministries will be concerned with several topics, including agriculture, economy and environment.

All of the suggestions and decisions made in these offices will constitute a priority for the government.

Moreover, combining or separating some ministries will be one of the topics of discussion. Some of the 22 institutions under the Prime Ministry and deputy prime ministers will be brought under the presidency, while some others will be under the related ministries.

The Prime Ministry Inspection Board may be combined with the Presidency State Supervisory Council, while the Anti-Terror Supreme Board and Public Order and Security Undersecretary can be brought under the presidency.

This adjustment package featuring the restructuring of the state will be sent to parliament along with other packages. However, a significant portion of these works can also be made with a presidential decree after 2019 in light of the authority introduced by recent charter amendments.

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