Turkey to promote Bosnian tourism

Turkey to promote Bosnian tourism

SARAJEVO - Anatolia News Agency
Turkey to promote Bosnian tourism

Along with historical structures, Bosnia Herzegovina also offers many natural beauties but because of lack of promotion, the country fails to increase tourist number. AA photo

Turkey will share its tourism experience with Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has the potential to attract tourists with its historical and natural beauty but has failed in the past to promote itself globally, according to Turkish officials.

In an effort to greater promote the country, tourism companies in Bosnia are planning to organize an international tourism fair between March 28 and 31 and have asked for Turkey to collaborate on the project in the hopes that the latter’s tourism experience will help.

 Bosnia is home to hundreds of Ottoman structures, such as mosques, bridges, khans, baths, libraries and madrasahs, and is blessed in natural beauty, boasting the Una, Neretva, Vrbas and Drina rivers. In addition, the country also has low food and drink costs.

Despite its attractions, only 594,548 tourists visited the country last year, 23,000 of whom were Turkish, according to figures from the Bosnia and Herzegovina Statistical Institute.

Turkey’s cultural and promotion adviser in Sarajevo, Cengiz Aydın, told Anatolia news agency that they always received complaints about high airline prices from Turkish travelers.

“This is why Bosnia does not get many Turkish tourists. But a few days ago, Turkish Airlines started a sale for the Balkan countries. Round-trip tickets to 11 of the Balkan countries, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, are being sold for 11 euros, including all costs.”

To benefit from the sale, customers must buy the tickets before Jan. 31 and travel between Feb. 13 and April 30.