Turkey to establish halal accreditation agency

Turkey to establish halal accreditation agency

Turkey to establish halal accreditation agency

The Turkish government has submitted a draft law to parliament for establishing a halal accreditation agency.

The proposed agency will have the sole authority for halal product certification and accreditation in Turkey. It will also be able to establish offices abroad, according to the draft submitted on Oct. 11. It will accredit Turkish and foreign institutions that grant certificates of halal compliance.

The agency, which would have a staff of 50, would be under the Economy Ministry.

It will also represent Turkey in the international arena and obtain membership in both regional and international accreditation unions.

Representatives from related ministries, state institutions and profession unions will be included in a consultation board under the agency and members will be enrolled for three years.

The agency will also invite representatives from other domestic institutions or foreign bodies for consultancy when necessary.

The board of the agency will consist of five people that will be appointed by the Prime Ministry upon demands by the Economy Ministry.

Halal accreditation agencies enforce halal standards according to Islam in their countries and territories.

They also aim to protect the growing number of halal consumers and facilitate international trade.

Global trade in halal products and services is valued around $3.9 trillion.