Turkey to build ‘camp’ for Syrian refugees’ cattle

Turkey to build ‘camp’ for Syrian refugees’ cattle

ŞANLIURFA - Anadolu Agency
Turkey to build ‘camp’ for Syrian refugees’ cattle

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Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) is planning to build a “camp” for cattle that were left on the Syrian side of the border by refugees fleeing jihadi militants.

Many Syrians who fled the clashes between Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants and Democratic Union Party (PYD) forces in Rakka’s Tel Abyad district, had to leave their cattle, sheep and goats in Syria, but have urged AFAD to take measures to rescue them.

AFAD head Faruk Oktay said they were now working to designate an area on the border where the animals can be safely kept.

“We don’t pay attention only to the humanitarian side of the incident. There is a mined area on the other side of the border and many animals are waiting there. We want to help Syrians who want to come here with their animals, and it is a problem to leave the animals there. They can die of hunger and thirst,” Oktay said, stressing that officials from the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock were working on the project.

“We are building an area where their needs can be provided for,” he said, also underlining that all the animals will be comprehensively examined and “all necessary measures” will be taken against possible diseases.