Turkey to accelerate efforts towards green revolution: Minister

Turkey to accelerate efforts towards green revolution: Minister

ANKARA-Anadolu Agency
Turkey to accelerate efforts towards green revolution: Minister

Turkey will carry out its fight against climate change and accelerate efforts towards green revolution with determination, the country's environment, urbanization and climate change minister said on Nov. 4.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency about talks during the current U.N. Climate Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, Murat Kurum reiterated Turkey's 2053 net-zero emission target.

“We will make the best of the green development revolution, and resolutely carry out our fight against climate change by taking new steps in addition to those we have already taken,” he said.

He said climate change is not simply an environmental concern, but also a development and national security issue that affects many sectors, citing rising numbers of natural disasters caused by climate change around the world, including floods, hurricanes, droughts, and fires.

“Compared to 100 years ago, fires caused by global warming have climbed 30%, and in the last 40 years the number of days when the air temperature exceeds 50 degrees Celsius has doubled,” he said.

Telling how Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has set a net-zero emission target by 2053, Kurum said they are boosting the country's renewable energy resources across Turkey to use less fossil fuel.


Emissions trading systems

“It should not be forgotten that climate change is a shared responsibility,” said Kurum, pointing to the importance of the climate summit, where many key issues are being discussed, ranging from climate adaptation to climate migration.

He said Turkey will convene a Climate Council next January, where the private sector, NGOs, universities, industrialists, and international organizations will present long-term strategic action plans.

With a delegation of 65 people, Turkey will continue its work in Glasgow until Nov. 12, he added.

Later, speaking to reporters in Istanbul, Kurum said countries had misused the world’s land, air and water resources, especially developed countries.

"From now on, production will be sustainable, environmentally friendly and climate-friendly production," he said, mentioning his ministry's plan to establish emissions trading systems together with the industry and energy ministries.

Kurum also stressed that Turkey should be treated fairly in access to financing to help the country shift to a greener economy.