Turkey stresses on Montreux Convention amid mediation efforts

Turkey stresses on Montreux Convention amid mediation efforts

Turkey stresses on Montreux Convention amid mediation efforts

Turkey’s top security board underlined the importance of the Montreux Convention at a regular meeting on March 23 and vowed to continue mediation efforts between Russia and Ukraine.

“Turkey will continue its mediation and facilitation efforts, as well as fulfilling its responsibilities, including the meticulous implementation of the Montreux Convention, for the maintenance of peace and stability in the Black Sea,” said a statement by National Security Council (MGK) after a meeting chaired by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The statement also underlined the need to increase efforts to end the attacks as soon as possible, to achieve a ceasefire and a permanent solution between Ukraine and Russia, taking into account Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The council emphasized the need to advance the political processes in Iraq in a way that would reinforce the stability in the country and noted Turkey would continue its fight against “terrorist organizations” with determination.

The peace established with great sacrifices in Libya is an important gain and opportunity for the Libyan people to attain peace and prosperity, the statement said and called for the avoidance of steps that could lead to new conflicts and for maintaining democratic processes on the basis of legitimacy in order to establish lasting peace and stability.

The latest developments in the Black Sea proved that Ankara was right in its balanced position and efforts for global and regional peace, the statement said.

“It has been confirmed once again how accurate was Turkey’s determination to protect its border security and its rights in the eastern Mediterranean, its balanced stance in the developments in the north of the Black Sea, its insistence on establishing and maintaining stability in the Balkans and the Caucasus, and its efforts to achieve global and regional peace,” the statement said.