Turkey should become software-production base: Presidential runner İnce

Turkey should become software-production base: Presidential runner İnce

Turkey should become software-production base: Presidential runner İnce

Turkey will become a software-production base after the early elections on June 24, CHP presidential candidate Muharrem İnce vowed as part of his election promises on May 24.

“I see the [indigenous automobile project] as a waste of time. I would want to see Turkey becoming a software base,” İnce said in a televised interview with private broadcaster CNN Türk.

“We will also suspend the Canal Istanbul [project],” İnce said.

“Some 1,200 foreign companies have shut down their offices here in 2017. The dollar has risen to five Turkish Liras. Is it time to be digging?” he asked.

Responding to questions posed by three journalists in a moderated discussion, İnce listed his plans including in economy, internal politics, foreign policy, education, production and more.

Before any other policies, İnce vowed to suspend public spending that lacks urgency if he is elected.

Asked whether he has any major projects such as producing an indigenous car, İnce said his biggest project for Turkey will be “peace.”

“Is there a project more valuable than peace?” he asked the anchors.

“A government that does not deal with the ethnicity, sect or belief and that brings people together ... A country where interest rates and foreign exchange rates are down ... Is this a major project, or is drilling Istanbul from one end to the other a major project?” İnce asked.

In response to economic precautions declared by the longtime ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), İnce said they do not have the right to promise anything after 16 years in office and that they should “apologize.”

The presidential candidate from the Nation Alliance then said the main appeal for money is trust.

“When you make Turkey a just country with a strong judiciary, then investors will come to you and trust you. Rest assured, I do believe the dollar’s value will fall in one day,” he said.

“Turkey will be a reliable country where rule is above all. Capital seeks a safe harbor. If it trusts you, it comes your way,” he added, also saying the freedoms and the democratic standards set the tone of the economic environment.

İnce also said he would lower the value-added tax on goods and help create better employment opportunities for the 18 million young citizens aged 15 to 29.

“If I were ruling this country [right now], I would leave everything aside and focus on this,” İnce said, referring to youth unemployment numbers.

“Five million of these 18 million young citizens remain lost. They do not go to school, they are unemployed. They do not have any records,” İnce said.

“Those who need to attend school will go to school, and those who need to work will go to work,” İnce vowed, promising to change that.

Talking about education and students, the presidential candidate also vowed to reopen the military high schools that were shut down after the deadly coup attempt of July 2016.

“The EU will fear an uneducated Turkey,” he said, when discussing Turkey’s bid for the union.

“If we can make branding, design and technology work, we can make this happen,” he added, affirming voters.

İnce also promised to radically change the current education system and took on the AKP for the “damage” they have caused over their 16 years in office.

“We will sit down with various parties and come to terms. Everyone will trust the examination prepared by us. When we establish that, it will not matter whether I am not elected again,” he added.

Muharrem İnce,