Turkey, Russia hold 11th joint patrol in Idlib

Turkey, Russia hold 11th joint patrol in Idlib

Turkey, Russia hold 11th joint patrol in Idlib

Turkish and Russian forces have carried out their 11th joint patrol along a key highway in northwestern Syria, Turkey’s Defense Ministry said on May 14.

“Within the framework of TUR-RF Agreement/Protocol, the 11th TUR-RF Combined Land Patrol on M-4 Highway in Idlib was conducted with the participation of land and air elements,” said the ministry on Twitter.

The agreement the ministry was referring to is a cease-fire deal brokered between Turkey and Russia on March 5 after weeks of armed conflicts between Turkish troops and Syrian regime forces.

The deal stipulated the establishment of a security corridor six kilometers to the north and six km to the south of the M4 highway, a strategic motorway that links Aleppo to Latakia. Turkey controls the northern strip and Russia the southern bank of the corridor.

Joint Turkish-Russian patrols agreed in the deal began on March 15 along the M4 highway from the settlement of Trumba — two kilometers to the west of Saraqib — to the settlement of Ain al-Hawr.

Idlib has long been under siege by the Assad regime forces and its allies, and previous cease-fires for the region were repeatedly violated.