Turkey, Russia agree killing of envoy is provocation: Erdoğan

Turkey, Russia agree killing of envoy is provocation: Erdoğan

Turkey, Russia agree killing of envoy is provocation: Erdoğan Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has extended his condolences over the assassination of Russian ambassador Andrey Karlov, adding that Ankara and Moscow agree that the killing was an attempt of provocation against mutual ties. 

"We agree with (Vladimir) Putin that this is a provocation, there is no split of opinion about this”, Erdoğan said in a televised statement, while commenting on a phone call with the Russian leader. 

“In this phone call tonight, we agreed on empowering our solidarity,” Erdoğan said adding that the two countries have the will not to let this provocation work. 

The president also highlighted an increasing cooperation between the two countries, which resulted in the recent evacuation of civilians from the civil war-hit Aleppo in Syria. “This cooperation will continue in determination,” he said. 

The attack is not only against the Russian envoy, but the Turkish nation, he said. 

The president also said himself, the prime minister, the interior minister, the health minister and other related officials have been working on the issue. 

Russia will send officials to join the Turkish investigation upon a demand by Moscow welcomed by Ankara, he said. 

Russia also requested increased security particularly for Russian diplomatic missions. 

A Russian jet will take the body of Karlov from Turkey, Erdoğan said. 

Meanwhile, Putin also described the assassination of Karlov as "a provocation."

"Attack on Russian ambassador was a provocation against the good relations that Turkey and Russia carried out in Syria," Putin said and called for the strengthening of the war against terrorism as a response to the assassination.

He also wanted to know who "directed" the killer.