Turkey rejects Syria’s statement targeting its territorial integrity

Turkey rejects Syria’s statement targeting its territorial integrity

Turkey rejects Syria’s statement targeting its territorial integrity

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Tanju Bilgiç on Dec. 2 rejected an “unlawful” statement by the Syrian parliament targeting Turkey’s territorial integrity.

“We strongly reject the impertinent and unlawful statement targeting the territorial integrity of our country, which has been made by the regime’s so-called People’s Assembly which is devoid of democratic legitimacy and under no circumstances represents the Syrian people,” said Bilgiç in a written statement.

He emphasized that such statements are also signs of the “delusional impasse” of the regime, which has been “oppressing its people for years [and is] responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands innocent people and displacement” of millions from their lands and homes.

“Turkey, as in the past, today and also in the future, has perseverance and determination to respond to contemptible aspirations against its homeland and any threats to its national interests,” he stated.

Turkey warns against Greek Cyprus exploration move in east Med

Turkey will never allow any foreign country, company, or vessel to engage in unauthorized hydrocarbon exploration activities in its maritime jurisdiction areas, Bilgiç also said. 

His statement came after media reports that Greek Cyprus granted natural gas exploration permits to the ExxonMobil-Qatar Petroleum consortium in the “so-called license area number 5.”

Ankara will continue to resolutely defend its rights and those of Turkish Cyprus, Bilgiç added.

The move on “so-called license area 5, which was declared unilaterally, ignoring the rights of our country and the Turkish Cypriots, has once again made it clear who is really in favor of inciting tension in the eastern Mediterranean,” he stated.

Turkey, which has the longest continental coastline in the eastern Mediterranean, has rejected maritime boundary claims by Greece and the Greek Cypriot administration, stressing that their excessive claims violate the sovereign rights of Turkey and Turkish Cypriots.

Tensions between Greece, Greek Cyprus and historic regional rival Turkey have increased in recent years over gas exploration rights in the eastern Mediterranean.

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