Turkey ready for 100th Dardanelles anniversary

Turkey ready for 100th Dardanelles anniversary

Turkey ready for 100th Dardanelles anniversary

A group tourists from Australia’s Melbourne visits the sites in Galipolli. AA photo

Ankara is poised to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the Çanakkale Battle with a grand commemoration in 2015, in a bid to highlight the battle’s political consequences, which have prevailed until today.

“In 2015 the centennial anniversary of the Çanakkale Battle will be commemorated. This anniversary is anticipated to be commemorated with activities comprised of a distinct glory and ritualism in regards to being a leading epic of heroism of our history as well as to its political consequences, which have turned into friendship, mutual understanding and cooperation that have prevailed until today,” the Foreign Ministry said in a written statement released April 23.

“This year, the 98th anniversary commemoration ceremonies, which will be held on April 24 and 25, [have been] prepared with a different scope and content and for the first time, based on the birthplaces of the soldiers who fought, sacrificed their lives and of whom almost all are buried here, diplomatic mission chiefs of more than 30 countries in Ankara are invited to the ceremonies,” the ministry said. 

Delegations from related countries are expected to join next year’s commemoration events, while the centennial anniversary is expected to be observed by heads of states and governments, according to the statement. 

The ministry noted that the government will be represented by Defense Minister İsmet Yılmaz at this year’s ceremonies on the Gallipoli Peninsula (Gelibolu). From April 25, 1915, to January 9, 1916, a joint British and French operation was mounted to capture the Ottoman capital of Istanbul and secure a sea route to Russia. The attempt failed, leading to heavy casualties on both sides. Both the March 18 Naval Victory and the Gallipoli land victories restored the Turkish Army’s prestige in the world and constituted a milestone in the Turkish nation’s struggle for independence.