Turkey president urges stronger business links with Britain

Turkey president urges stronger business links with Britain

LONDON - Agence France-Presse
Turkey president urges stronger business links with Britain

President Abdullah Gül. AA photo

Turkey's President Abdullah Gül urged Britain's businesses to strengthen their links with his country today to help overcome economic fallout from the festering eurozone debt crisis.

"We are all in very demanding times. The world economy faces debt, growth and confidence crises," Gul told delegates at the annual meeting of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) - Britain's biggest employers' body.

"We need to stimulate growth and create new jobs. It is all the more important today to further strengthen Turkish-UK ... business links in order to overcome economic difficulties," added Gül, who begins a formal state visit to Britain tomorrow.

"We have got all the necessary ingredients to achieve this; strong political will; economic potential; favourable investment climate and strong private sectors."

"I would invite you to explore vibrant business opportunities in Turkey to the mutual interests of our nations," Gül said, adding that the Turkish government was also encouraging Turkish firms to increase their investments in Britain.

The CBI is this year calling on the British government to help boost exports, especially to emerging markets like Turkey, so as to drive a struggling economic recovery that has been hit by the eurozone crisis.

"Turkey and the U.K. enjoy a privileged relationship based on strong bonds of alliance, partnership and mutual trust," Gül added on Monday.