Turkey popular with foreign producers

Turkey popular with foreign producers

ANKARA - Anadolu Agency
Turkey has gained popularity among foreign film and documentary makers in recent years. According to information provided by the Cinema General Directorate, many companies from various countries have applied to the Culture and Tourism Ministry to get permission for shooting in Turkey. 

Film companies came to Turkey to shoot from among 33 countries, including the U.S., Germany, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, the United Arab Emirates, Bosnia Herzegovina, South Africa, South Korea, India, the Netherlands, Armenia, Iran, Israel, Indonesia and others. 

Eighty-two of the total applications in the past year were for documentaries, 43 were for general television programs, 10 were for advertisements, seven were for dramas, six were for feature films, six were for music videos, three were for TV films, two were for short films, and one was for a radio program. 

Notably, Georgios Papavassiliou and Jan Reiff from Greece were in Istanbul with their film crew between March 10 and May 20, shooting the film “Dead or Alive.” A number of Turkish names also took part in this shooting. 

Also, a Dutch company named Habbekratz shot some scenes of the film “Wolf” in Istanbul on May 7 and 8. 

Malaysian Red Films Sdn. Bhd. Company came to Cappadocia to make the film “Manisnya Cinta di Cappadocia” (Love is Different in Cappadocia) between May 21 and 29, while Iranian Vahid Azarnavid and his team got permission for shooting in Ankara and Balıkesir for a film shoot in July.