Turkey hosts UK’s largest independent travel agent partnership

Turkey hosts UK’s largest independent travel agent partnership

Turkey hosts UK’s largest independent travel agent partnership

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Members of the Advantage Travel Partnerships, the UK’s largest independent travel agency partnership, will hold their annual conference in the Aegean province of Bodrum through May 15-18. 

“We are very excited that, for the first time, we have the opportunity to totally inhabit our own environment … Taking over your own resort is a good place to start and work has begun on developing a first-class conference program,” Colin O’Neill, business development director at Advantage Travel Partnership, said in a press release on the organization’s website when it announced Bodrum as the 2015 host. 

Bodrum is served by a number of UK regional airports with direct flights to the local airport, enabling delegates to travel easily to the conference. The main theme of this year’s Advantage Conference, held at the Hapimag Resort Sea Garden Bodrum, is technology. Keynote speeches will be made by scientist Susan Greenfield, who studies the effects of technological developments on the human brain and workforce, Wired U.K. Editor David Rowan and journalist Jeremy Paxman. 

Two leaders of the sector, Paul Tilstone and Timothy O’Neil-Dunne, will also share their experiences with the members of the organization. Representatives from leading tourism companies such as EasyJet, Willis and Hallmark, will also make presentations at the conference.

The Advantage Travel Partnerships’ members come together each year to discuss the latest developments in the sector.