Turkey holding justice workshop as regional body’s head

Turkey holding justice workshop as regional body’s head

BELGRADE- Anadolu Agency
Turkey holding justice workshop as regional body’s head

A two-day digital workshop on justice in English was held on Sept. 30 as part of Turkey's leadership of a group of southeastern European countries, including the Balkans, according to the Justice Academy of Turkey.

The workshop, “Progress of Judges and Prosecutors in Professional Education after COVID-19,” will focus on difficulties faced by educational institutions in subjects of justice, education of judges and prosecutors after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, and the development of cooperation.

Developments following the pandemic in judicial education institutions in southeastern European countries, new strategies and establishing cooperation in possible areas will also be discussed.

Turkey assumed Chairmanship-in-Office of the 2020-2011 South-East Europe Cooperation Process (SEECP) July 1, for one year.

It was the third time Ankara has chaired the group after leading in 1998-1999 and 2009-2010.

Founded in 1996, the SEECP includes 13 countries and promotes comprehensive regional cooperation.

Turkey's efforts at the helm are aimed to complement existing studies in the region and to provide added value.

"Neighbors See Together," – the phrase which is the slogan of the Turkish chair, also refers to the common future of Balkans living together in the same geography.

Cooperation in health in the period after the COVID-19 epidemic, brain drain, increasing the quality of human resources and education, strengthening connectivity and intra-regional infrastructures, increasing trade within and outside the region, migration management, youth, Culture and Tourism and security are priorities for Turkey's presidency.

A SEECP summit and a meeting of foreign ministers are planned by Turkey during the coming year.

Besides, six ministerial-level meetings in transportation, education, tourism, trade, health and youth, and sports are expected.

Events, meetings, workshops, and projects on trade, migration management, culture-tourism, and security issues are also planned.

The Justice Academy of Turkey is a state institution that provides training, internships, and preparation for prosecutors, judicial and administrative judges who practice in Turkey.