Turkey grants scholarships to 114 Pakistani students

Turkey grants scholarships to 114 Pakistani students

ISLAMABAD-Anadolu Agency
Turkey grants scholarships to 114 Pakistani students

Turkey has granted scholarships to 114 Pakistani students to study in prominent Turkish universities, an official said.

Turkish Ambassador to Pakistan Ihsan Mustafa Yurdakul hosted the students, who received the scholarships, in Islamabad on Sept. 5 before their departure to Turkey.

Speaking at the event, Yurdakul said Turkey is your second home and you will never feel living abroad.

"Be active and keep strong relations with your Turkish friends. All Turks love Pakistan and you will find them very cooperative and helpful," Yurdakul told the students.

"These brothers&sisters will be off for #Turkey soon to study at the Turkish universities under the Turkish gov's scholarship. They are new members of our family. They will definitely feel at home in #Turkey and make their families back here proud..Godspeed", Yurdakul said in a Twitter post meeting students.

The students thanked the ambassador for hosting a gathering before their departure.

"We are thankful to the Turkish government […] which awarded 114 scholarships to Pakistani students," said Mohammad Huzefa, a student.

“Now we will be ambassadors of Pakistan in Turkey, but on out return we will become Turkish ambassadors in Pakistan,” Huzefa added.

Representatives from Turkiye Maarif Foundation and Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) officials were also attended the gathering.