Turkey-EU should overcome difficulties together: Turkish FM

Turkey-EU should overcome difficulties together: Turkish FM

Turkey-EU should overcome difficulties together: Turkish FM

In the process of Turkey’s accession to the European Union, Turkey tells Brussels that difficulties should be removed in cooperation, Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said on Aug. 21.

“In the process of the EU, we always tell the EU that we should walk together and overcome any difficulties together. We can overcome technical barriers together, but we also need to overcome political barriers together,” Çavuşoğlu said, speaking at a European Mobility Week 2019 Campaign Promotion meeting.

He also said that the responsibility of local governments increased in the face of the developments in the world.

“The first responsibility of local governments is to improve the quality of life of the constructions in their city. To do this, it is primarily the economic development of the city and the formation of the infrastructure for performing sports activities without any obstacles in the city. European Mobility Week is meaningful to create awareness.

Turkey welcomes being involved in this occasion,” he said. The minister said that as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they will support the work of local administrations.

“We see that the responsibilities of municipalities in today’s world have increased. We consider the activities of municipalities very important in diplomacy. Especially in the framework of sister-city relations and mutual relations and joint activities within the framework of these relations we see much benefit in terms of public diplomacy,” he said.