Turkey detains 134 people for illegal entry

Turkey detains 134 people for illegal entry

ANKARA - Anadolu Agency
Turkey detains 134 people for illegal entry

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Some 134 people have been detained by security forces in Turkey for illegally entering the country and trying to cross into neighboring Bulgaria, Greece and Syria, officials have stated.

“Eighty-six Syrians and six Chinese nationals were caught at the Syrian border on Friday [April 10] as they attempted to illegally cross into Turkey,” the Turkish Armed Forces said in an official statement on April 11. 

Border troops also captured two Turkish nationals trying to illegally cross into Syria, in addition to five Syrian and six Turkish nationals attempting to illegally cross into Turkey from Iraq.

A Palestinian national was captured for attempted illegal entry into Greece, while 19 Syrians, six Afghans, two Iraqis and one Turkish national were captured after attempting illegal entry into Bulgaria, the statement also said.

Turkish gendarmes also caught 83 people who did not meet the legal requirements to stay in the country, it added.