Turkey cracks down on virus profiteers

Turkey cracks down on virus profiteers

Turkey cracks down on virus profiteers

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Security forces have carried out numerous operations across Turkey this month against people who are trying to make excessive gains by exploiting the coronavirus outbreak.

A total of 160 people have been detained in operations which were held between March 9 and March 28 in the country’s 30 provinces for engaging in unlawful practices, such as charging an excessive price for medical equipment and disinfectant agents, which have been high in demand since the country first reported the virus case.

Those people, who engaged in illegal practices, also have put the public health at risk, the officials said.

During the nationwide operations, units from the police force’s financial crimes and anti-smuggling departments seized more than 2.5 million units of protective masks, 142,000 gloves, 176,000 bottles of disinfectant agents, 15,000 liters of chemical materials and large amounts of pure alcohol.

The police also confiscated 2,500 bottles of cologne, which has become a widely sought-after item in the midst of the outbreak because of its high alcohol content.