Turkcell CEO calls on government to lower telecommunication taxes

Turkcell CEO calls on government to lower telecommunication taxes

ISTANBUL – Anadolu Agency
Turkcell CEO calls on government to lower telecommunication taxes

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Turkcell CEO Kaan Terzioğlu has called on the government to lower taxes placed on the telecommunications industry and remove obstacles to investments for the rapid increase of Internet penetration.

Speaking to state-run Anadolu Agency, Terzioğlu complained about high taxes, saying that no country in the world has such taxes in place. He also emphasized that the Special Communication Tax and wireless license fee which is collected in every subscription should be abolished for the penetration of Internet and prices to become cheaper.

“Moreover, another important issue that needs to be resolved is regulative and legal obstacles to investment. We believe that these obstacles, which negatively affect investments in our industry, should be removed for the penetration of Internet services and prices to become cheaper,” Terzioğlu said. “Removing the Special Communication Tax and wireless license fee is crucial in accessing a cheap and high speed Internet,” he added.

‘Disputes should be solved urgently’

Underlining that disputes between operators and public institutions over the treasury share and similar financial obligations should be solved urgently, Terzioğlu said: “Ensuring easy access to information from all classes of society is crucial in the transformation process into an information society. Turkcell has been making a great effort to improve the communication infrastructure of Turkey and enable our subscribers to access the mobile and fixed Internet in the fastest and easiest way. Accordingly, facilitating the authorization to dig for fiber cables and decreasing digging costs is very important.”

Reminding that the company accelerated its efforts to establish 4.5G base stations amid a looming April 1 deadline to adopt the new technology, Terzioğlu said increasing the amount of fees collected for every base station has been negatively affecting their investment plans. “This practice, like a punishment, should be removed immediately. Furthermore, xDSL Internet services, which are widely used in Turkey, can be offered in more affordable prices. Wholesale prices should be decreased in the xDSL market and pricing practices should be re-regulated to ensure a fair competition environment for all operators,” Terzioğlu said.

‘Sources of industry should be allocated to local production, R&D and 5G activities’

Terzioğlu also stated they supported financial and regulative policies which would increase the penetration rate of telecommunication services in more affordable conditions, adding that all obstacles to investment should be removed.

“Thus, an increasing appetite for investment and sources of industry should be directed to local production, R&D and 5G activities and the efficient use of national sources should be aimed at,” Terzioğlu said, adding they would continue to support every step which will serve the interests of Turkey.