Türk Telekom is confident in Turkey’s future: CEO

Türk Telekom is confident in Turkey’s future: CEO

Türk Telekom is confident in Turkey’s future: CEO

The Turkish economy has grown beyond expectations and 2017 has been a successful year for Türk Telekom, the company’s CEO, Paul Doany, has said.

“We are working hard to connect Turkey with the future. Our primary objective is to continue our growth by adding value to Turkey,” Doany said.

Türk Telekom continued its double-digit growth in the first nine months of 2017, and recorded 1.25 billion Turkish Liras ($320 million) of net profit, the CEO said, adding that the company has prepared a five-year strategic plan.

Internet and mobiles will leave their mark on Türk Telekom’s growth in the following period, Doany said.

“The internet plays a key role in enabling Turkey to realize the targeted development push,” he added.

“In this context, we will focus on growing more in fixed internet in the market. The future is in internet and Türk Telekom has an advantageous position with its fixed-line infrastructure covering 98 percent of the households in Turkey. We endeavor to grow in both mobile and TV market and reach a market share of over 30 percent in mobile in line with our spectrum market share, and within five years to be leader in TV mass market by home access,” the CEO said.

Doany also underlined the importance of digital equality in the country’s growth.

“In Turkey’s digital map, it is seen that the internet use in the cities located in the west is above Turkey’s average and those in the east is below Turkey’s average. Our job is to reduce the digital gap in our country and to improve digital harmony,” he said.

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