Trump hails Erdoğan for pausing Syria operation

Trump hails Erdoğan for pausing Syria operation

Trump hails Erdoğan for pausing Syria operation

U.S. President Donald Trump praised his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for holding ongoing operation in northeastern Syria.       

"I really appreciate what Turkey have done. They did the right thing and I have great respect for the president," Trump told reporters in the state of Texas, referring to Erdoğan.       

His remarks came shortly after Ankara agreed with Washington to pause Operation Peace Spring for five days so that YPG/PKK could leave the region.       

"I just want to thank and congratulate President Erdoğan. He is friend of mine and I am glad to we did not have a problem," he said. "Frankly, he is the hell of a leader, he is a tough man, strong man."       

Trump also praised Turkish military, saying "Turkey has a great military power, Turkey is friend of ours, neighbor of ours and a member of NATO."       

According to a joint statement from Turkish foreign ministry, the operation will be paused when the withdrawal of YPG terrorists, the Syrian branch of PKK terror group, is completed.       

Turkish Armed Forces,