Tourist numbers in Egypt fall by 40 pct

Tourist numbers in Egypt fall by 40 pct

CAIRO – Anadolu Agency
The number of tourists visiting Egypt has fallen by 40 percent compared to the figures of last year, Egypt Airport Operators Head Caad Kerim Nasır has said.

“Despite early bookings, tour operators from many countries canceled their reservations [in Egypt],” Nasır said, noting that tourism was seriously hit.

He recalled that some countries urged their citizens to avoid traveling to Egypt and it caused a considerable fall in tourist numbers. “Despite the prices being lower than last year, the number of tourists decreased by 40 percent,” he said.

Following the coup in Egypt, European governments warned holidaymakers on Aug. 16 to stay away from its Red Sea resorts amid escalating violence, prompting some travel agents to stop all trips to Egypt. Germany’s foreign ministry advised against going to the resorts, which help attract about 1.2 million Germans to Egypt each year. Similar advice from Sweden and Belgium led tour operators to stop all trips to the resorts to Egypt.

Also, the United States warned Americans against travelling to Egypt and urged U.S. citizens living in Egypt to leave the country.