Tourism advertising budget increases to $180 million

Tourism advertising budget increases to $180 million

Elif Ergu - ISTANBUL
Tourism advertising budget increases to $180 million

The Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry has raised its advertising budget tenfold with the establishment of a new development agency, the tourism minister said.

“We had a promotion budget of $18 million in 2018. This year, we increased it to $180 million. As the tourism sector grows bigger, the share of the Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA) will increase. We will be conducting more advertising works and bringing in more tourists,” Mehmet Nuri Ersoy told daily Hürriyet in the TGA’s office in Istanbul.

Branding is key to boosting the country’s tourism incomes, Ersoy said. “Publicity is a must. And it should be made in a professional environment.”

The newly founded agency is working on television programs to promote Turkey in 20 countries, according to Ersoy.

The TGA has struck a deal with National Geographic to produce three programs that will showcase the beauty of Istanbul and Anatolian cities, he said.

Still, the minister admitted that the novel coronavirus outbreak in many countries, including ones that generate tourists, would affect the Turkish tourism sector.

“The effect of the coronavirus will ease after April and May. We are expecting to reach the same figures for June 2019 in the same month this year. We will have fully recovered by July. We estimate that our losses will be below the world average. We are planning a fast recovery. The precautions you take during a crisis bear fruit later,” said Ersoy.

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