Toppers visit Demirören Media High School

Toppers visit Demirören Media High School

ISTANBUL - Demirören News Agency
Toppers visit Demirören Media High School

Toppers who were enrolled in the Demirören Media High School after earning a successful grade in the high school entrance exam (LGS) have visited the school and the media complex in which it is located.

Mustafa Said Araç, who managed to rank in 0.12 percent slice in LGS with 489 points, Dila Rengin Yılmaz, who was placed in 0.30 percent slice with 481 points, and Deniz Akman, who stood at 0.60 percent slice with 476 points, visited the school.

Visiting the classrooms, computer lab and social areas, the students received relevant information from Nuran Çakmakçı, the coordinator of Demirören Media Education Projects, and the school principal, Atila Ertoğan.

“I think the school is above average in terms of English education and opportunities abroad, which is a great opportunity,” said Araç, enrolled in the Radio-TV Department, adding that it will be very beneficial for them to have the school in a media complex.

“The internship and abroad opportunities and English education impressed me. I am very excited for the new season,” Yılmaz said.

Akman, who came from Eskişehir, was enrolled in the Journalism Department. “I chose this school because it has a different education than the traditional one in other schools. I want to advance in the media industry,” he said.

The school achieved great success in the results of the LGS, surpassing many science and Anatolian high schools, which was established as an alternative to expensive private schools, in terms of the ranking of students enrolled.

Located inside the complex of Demirören Media Group in Istanbul’s Bağcılar district, the school will impart education via two departments, “Journalism” and “Radio-TV” from the start of the new education season in September.

The students will be trained with a full syllabus from print media to digital media, from broadcasting to podcasting and from social media to the YouTube platform.

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