Top court rejects request to block treasury aid to HDP

Top court rejects request to block treasury aid to HDP

Top court rejects request to block treasury aid to HDP

The Constitutional Court has dismissed the Supreme Court of Appeals’ request to halt the treasury aid allocated to the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), deliberated on the grounds that the party did not participate in the May 14 elections.

The Supreme Court of Appeals had submitted a petition to the top court, urging the blocking of approximately 400.2 million Turkish Liras in aid, which had been disbursed by the Treasury and Finance Ministry to the HDP.

The request also sought to reclaim the portion of the state aid already utilized by the party and record it as revenue to the treasury. However, the Constitutional Court unanimously ruled that there was no basis for a decision on this matter.

Under the provisions of the Political Parties Law, parties are entitled to receive triple the amount of treasury aid in years when general elections take place.

The HDP, which has long faced allegations of ties to the outlawed PKK and is currently undergoing a closure case, had nominated its parliamentary candidates on the Green Left Party (YSP) lists during the May 14 elections, securing nearly 5 million votes.

In its justification for the decision, the Constitutional Court emphasized that the Supreme Court of Appeals lacked the authority to make such a request.

Previously, the court had sought the freezing of the HDP’s accounts, to which treasury aid had been allocated. However, the Constitutional Court once again rejected this request by a majority vote.

Ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) spokesperson Ömer Çelik, expressed concern over the decision, stating, “With this ruling, the Constitutional Court has weakened the measures that can be taken against terrorism in any form.”

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