Top bosses call for reconciliation among all political parties

Top bosses call for reconciliation among all political parties

Top bosses call for reconciliation among all political parties All parties should act in a reconciliatory manner in the wake of a bitterly fought election that resulted in no party being able to form a majority government, Turkey’s top business organization has said.

“As the representatives of Turkey’s business world, we believe the new parliament will work to increase the development level of our country democratically, economically and socially,” said the board members of the Turkish Industry and Business Association (TÜSİAD) in a written statement on June 8 after they congratulated the new members of parliament.

“During the pre-election period, we all saw several developments which paved the way for social strains and polarizations and damaged the environment of trust, going beyond what happens during any elections in Turkey. The confidence in any country and economy is developed as long as there is free thought, the idea of participation, the rule of law and common sense. As members of TÜSİAD, we believe the environment of confidence will be strengthened through the rise of transparency, accountability and civil society,” they said. 

Each election and each new parliament are an opportunity to strengthen democratic rule. 

“The voters will did not give the chance to any party to establish a single-party government. We hope all the parties will move in a reconciliatory manner in accordance with the nature of democratic rule and rally together around the interests of the country,” they added. 

“We hope the new parliament and the newly established government will strengthen democratic standards and the rule of law with the contribution and the support of all stakeholders. In order for our country to realize its potential, we hope they will make progress in all aspects of economic development, including a globally competitive industrial structure and human resources,” they said.