TOBB University of Economics and Technology raises global businessmen

TOBB University of Economics and Technology raises global businessmen

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TOBB University of Economics and Technology raises global businessmen

TOBB University of Economics and Technology educates entrepreneurial human power ready for global competition, offering an environment that brings analytic thinking skills to the students thanks to its strong staff.

OBB’s Department of International Entrepreneurship was designed and established after four years’ joint work between TOBB and TOBB University of Economics and Technology. It started to accept students in year 2010.

The department identifies the most important trade areas of the world and special tracks are designed to train students to have experience in these areas in order to work successfully in international companies.

The first track covers Russia and the Turkic Republics, (found basically the former Soviet Union area), where Russian is still the business language. The countries in this area have a wide range of energy resources and emerging infrastructure and real estate market, and this potential increases the trade volume year after year. This trend creates an increasing demand for qualified specialists for the area. With its cultural and geographical ties to the area, Turkey constitutes a bridge linking the area to the rest of the world.

Language education

Studying in the department, students learn both English and Russian to an advanced level. Indeed, the Russian language school includes one semester in Moscow. In addition to that, students will take cultural and business courses specific to the area, (i.e. economics, business culture, law, etc) from one of the most prestigious universities in Russia, the State University of Moscow. As a result, graduates will have the chance to gain the necessary local skills and area-specific academic knowledge by living and studying in Moscow for a one year period.

The second track covers the Middle East. Similar to Russian-speaking countries, the Middle Eastern countries also have increasing business opportunities in energy and infrastructure sectors and Turkey plays a significant leading role among them. Turkey is a cultural midpoint between West and the Middle East. The same program that is delivered in Russia is also established in Egypt, and similar achievements can be gained by students for the Arabic-speaking countries of the Middle East. In the following years, the Far East (most probably China) and the European Union (Germany and/or France) tracks will also be designed and established. Turkey is growing fast and our trade volume with the target countries is expanding. With its leadership and role as a cultural bridge, Turkey will need more qualified specialists.

These specialists will help Turkey strengthen its leading role and represent the country in multinational corporations. The need for qualified specialists will be fulfilled by the graduates of TOBB University of Economics and Technology, particularly graduates from the department of International Entrepreneurship, whose education is tailor-made for international competition.