Tin comes to sing Yunus Emre poems

Tin comes to sing Yunus Emre poems

ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency
Tin comes to sing Yunus Emre poems

Christopher Tin will stage his concert at Ankara’s Presidency Concert Salon and then come to Istanbul’s Cemal Reşit Rey for another concert. AA photo

Grammy-winning artist Christopher Tin has set a poem by Yunus Emre, “Haktan Gelen Şerbeti” (The Drink Sent Down from Truth), to music for the first time anywhere in the world ahead of its performance by the U.S.-based Jonathan Griffith Choir and Presidency Symphony Orchestra.

“TÜRKSOY [the International Turkish Culture Association] came to me and asked from me to sing a song from Yunus Emre and I said ‘yes’ gladly,” Tin told Anatolia news agency.

Tin will stage his concert today at the Presidency Concert Salon before moving to Cemal Reşit Rey in Istanbul for another concert on June 7. TÜRKSOY is preparing to spread Yunus Emre works to the world.

Speaking to Anatolia news agency, Tin said he had been following and listening to the works from the medieval Sufi poet for many years.

Tin, who will sing the song in Turkish, has been working on a new album that includes tracks in different languages.

Next year, Tin will give a concert at Carnegie Hall and sing Yunus Emre’s song there.

According to a written statement on Tin’s website, the musician has been working on an album titled “The Drop that Contained the Sea,” a classical/world music fusion in multiple languages based on ancient texts about water. The album will feature the return of many of the guest artists from his previous “Calling All Dawns” and several new ones as well.

The world premiere of the new work will take place at Carnegie Hall on April 13, 2014, organized by Distinguished Concerts International New York and conducted by its artistic director, Jonathan Griffith.