Three soldiers killed by PKK militants

Three soldiers killed by PKK militants

Three soldiers killed by PKK militants The General Staff said in a statement on March 20 that at least 28 militants of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) were killed in southeastern Turkey on March 19 in a new wave of anti-terror operations, while three soldiers were killed by the PKK. 

During the operations, security forces also detonated 39 improvised explosive devices.        

One Turkish soldier was killed in the Firat neighborhood during an ongoing joint counter-terrorism operation Şırnak.        

Two more soldiers were killed in a blast in the Nusaybin district in the southeastern province of Hakkari.

The operation by the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) and police forces aimed to capture PKK terrorists, dispose of planted explosives, fill in ditches, and remove barricades following the declaration of a curfew on March 14.        
The General Staff said 16 PKK militants were “neutralized” in anti-terror operations in southeastern Turkey on March 18.        

Turkey’s air force carried out airstrikes on PKK bases in northern Iraq on two separate operations on March 18 and 19, the military also said.

In a statement on its website, the Turkish General Staff said 20 F-16 and F-4 jets bombed positions in the Sinat, Haftanin and Gara regions late on March 18.