Three killed in fire in Istanbul hotel due to locked fire escape

Three killed in fire in Istanbul hotel due to locked fire escape

Fırat Alkaç - ISTANBUL
Three killed in fire in Istanbul hotel due to locked fire escape

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Three people were killed in a fire that erupted at a hotel in Istanbul’s Kumkapı district late on June 13 as a result of a massive negligence. 

A water boiler in the six-storey Skalion Hotel’s lobby exploded, causing a fire to erupt and engulf rapidly. 

The top floors of the hotel were covered in smoke shortly after the eruption. Fire department, police and medical teams were dispatched to the area. 

While the teams were trying to extinguish the fire, a total of 35 people were evacuated from the hotel, in which small-scale explosions also took place. 

Two firefighters were also affected by the smoke and received treatment in an ambulance nearby. 

After extinguishing the fire, authorities reached the dead bodies of three people inside the building and determined that the hotel’s fire escape doors were locked. 

Speaking about the incident, eyewitness Muhammed Yılmaz said most of the hotel’s guests were foreigners. 

“I was far away and I saw smoke rising from the hotel. People were by the windows. Then the fire department arrived and did what was necessary. Several small explosions took place and the windows broke. There were people trapped on the top floors, but they were rescued later on,” Yılmaz said. 

The dead bodies identified to belong to a Turkish expat living in France and a man of Chilean origin, identified only as Ş.C., 27, and J.A, 34, respectively, and an unidentified male were taken to the Samatya Research and Training Hospital’s morgue.

The dead bodies of two males were found in the same room, while Ş.C. succumbed to her injuries after being taken to hospital. 

An investigation was launched into the incident. 

Moreover, police detained the owner of the hotel hours after the fire erupted. 

The Istanbul Municipality, in a statement regarding the efforts of fire-extinguishing teams, said 22 vehicles and 67 personnel from the fire departments in the Fatih, Beyoğlu, Bakırköy, Bayrampaşa and Şişli districts were dispatched to the scene. 

It also said fire notice was received at 8:40 p.m. and fire brigade teams intervened four minutes later.