Teachers’ criminal records to be checked

Teachers’ criminal records to be checked

ANKARA - Hürriyet Daily News
Teachers’ criminal records to be checked

The news came after an educator was reportedly involved in a bomb attack. DHA photo

After the vice principal of a school in Siverek was revealed to have been involved in organizing a recent bombing in Gaziantep, the National Education Ministry has planned a new strategy for appointing and promoting teachers, including a close examination of teacher candidates’ criminal records.

Along with criminal records, candidates’ academic lives will also be scrutinized. Their activities, memberships in clubs, and any investigations conducted against them or disciplinary penalties received during their university education will also be examined.

Based on close examination, the ministry will decide whether the candidate is eligible to become a teacher or not.

University records

Scrutiny will begin from the day prospective teachers start university. Candidates will be evaluated with a comprehensive psychological test before being appointed. The tests will also help to determine their aptitude for teaching. Candidates’ views about the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) will also be analyzed. Those who fail the tests will not be appointed to teaching posts. The Ministry will also look closely at teachers against whom complaints are filed. The ministry will review complaints filed by students, parents or colleagues against a teacher. Teachers may be dismissed based on a complaint, if the complaint is found to be valid.