Tatlıses shooting trial kicks off with conflict

Tatlıses shooting trial kicks off with conflict

ISTANBUL - Hürriyet
Tatlıses shooting trial kicks off with conflict

İbrahim Tatlıses. Hürriyet photo

The first court hearing of the probe into the shooting of singer İbrahim Tatlıses started today with the judge banning a suspect from the courtroom following his hurling insults and curses, daily Hürriyet reported.

The suspect, Abdullah Uçmak, began his defense by stating his religious faith and his belief in the angels, including the angel of death, who takes away people whose deaths were due.

When warned by the judge to "not preach religion," Uçmak replied that he had to do so because he was being judged as if he were a terrorist.

Uçmak then began insulting Tatlıses using strong language. Despite further warnings, Uçmak continued his behavior, saying he had never been judged "so dishonorably" before.

The judge took a break following Uçmak's remarks and banned him from returning to the day’s hearing.

A total of 12 suspects were apprehended by the police after the attack.

Specially authorized public prosecutor Muammer Akkaş had claimed assailants acted on orders from the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

Tatlıses was shot when gunmen opened fired on him after leaving a studio where he had hosted a TV show.

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