Tango project ‘Milonga’ on Zorlu Center stage

Tango project ‘Milonga’ on Zorlu Center stage

Tango project ‘Milonga’ on Zorlu Center stage

A groundbreaking tango project ‘Milonga’ will be in Istanbul on May 30.

One of the world’s most successful contemporary choreographers, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, will be in Istanbul with his groundbreaking tango project “Milonga” on May 30 at the Zorlu Center performing Arts Center. 

Cherkaoui explores the social and choreographic vocabulary of tango in his new work. 

Internationally renowned for his ground-breaking and critically revered productions with artists including Akram Khan and Maria Pages, and for his award-winning works such as Sutra and Babel, Cherkaoui has created more than 20 productions and is widely acknowledged as one of Europe’s most exciting choreographers.

“What attracts me most about tango is the eternal embrace of the dancers. When a tango couple dances, we sense the hypnotic dialogue between two bodies connecting intuitively, merging into one. If there is such a thing as my style of dance, it is rooted in touch, in physical contact – and that is inherent in tango,” Cherkaoui said.

Taking the idea of Milonga as its starting point, Cherkaoui draws on traditional influences and adds a contemporary twist. This is the first time an international large-scale production inspired by tango has been directed by a non-Argentine artist, offering exciting opportunities to explore the traditional dance from another cultural perspective.

Milonga features new music from Argentinean composer Fernando Marzan and Cherkaoui’s long-term collaborator Szymon Brzoska, video and set design by Eugenio Szwarcer, costumes by renowned fashion designer Tim Van Steenbergen, lighting by Adam Carrée and sound by Gaston Briski. 

Tango expert Nelida Rodriguez de Aure is the artistic consultant for the production. Milonga is performed by a cast of 10 tango dancers from Buenos Aires, two contemporary dancers and a tango band of five musicians.

Tickets for the event will be available as of Feb. 22.