Syrian student ranks first in Turkish exam

Syrian student ranks first in Turkish exam

Syrian student ranks first in Turkish exam

A Syrian student who fled the war in his country and took refuge in southeastern Turkey six years ago has ranked first in his high school entrance exam (LGS), his school said on July 1.

“Syrian refugee student Dlyar Safo answered all questions correctly on the LGS 2021,” the Kurtalan Selahaddin Eyyübi İmam Hatip Secondary School said on Twitter.

The school and district governorship of Kurtalan in the southeastern province of Siirt congratulated Safo on Twitter and wished him continued success.

Stressing that he received great support from his teachers in the pre-exam period that coincided with the pandemic process, Safo said that his goal was to become an engineer and design cars in the future.

Recalling that they came from the northern province of Qamishli in Syria, Şazber Safo, the father of the young student, said in a statement in Kurdish that his son studied regularly during their stay in Turkey.

Şazber Safo thanked the school administration and teachers for the support they gave to his son.

Turkey’s Education Ministry on June 30 announced the results of LGS held on June 6.

In a report on the exam, the ministry said that 97 students from 36 provinces answered all questions correctly and got full points in the exam.

In Turkey, any student who successfully completes eight years of primary education can go to high school by taking the LGS test.

According to official figures, as of the 2019-2020 school year, more than 684,000 school-aged Syrian children attended schools in Turkey.