Swimmer crossing the North Channel receives award

Swimmer crossing the North Channel receives award

Swimmer crossing the North Channel receives award

Turkish swimmer Kamil Alsaran, 59, passed the North Channel between Ireland and Scotland last year and won as the “oldest male swimmer” and “first Turkish swimmer” who completed this course.

Despite the 12 degrees Celsius cold water, strong streams, tides and poisonous jellyfishes, Alsaran, who completed the 35-kilometer course in 13 hours and 55 minutes, was given titles in a ceremony held in Cork, Ireland.

Alsaran has completed four of the seven stages of the “world’s hardest swimming routes” with the North Channel pass.

“Speaking at that podium and representing my country made me very happy. If I complete the remaining four oceans, Turkish swimming will mark its place in the world. We get more attention and appreciation in the world than here,” Alsaran said at the award ceremony he attended.

“I believe that if Turkish nature athletes are given the opportunity and support, they will represent our country very well. We expect support and interest in swimming. I do not just swim, I share my experiences with young people by coaching. After completing Oceans Seven, I have great goals for Turkish swimming sports at home and abroad,” he noted. 

Alsaran, who is planning to complete the series by stroking the Japan Tsugaru Strait, New Zealand Cook Strait and Hawaiian Molakai Strait, continues his work without a break.