Swedish woman shot dead in Istanbul

Swedish woman shot dead in Istanbul

Çetin Aydın - ISTANBUL
Swedish woman shot dead in Istanbul A Swedish woman has been shot dead in a random shooting by a gunman who had been denied entry into a bar in Istanbul.

Maggie Bagdo, a Swedish hairdresser who was visiting Istanbul with her friends, was shot dead by a gunman who randomly shot her in the head after he was not allowed to enter a bar in Istanbul on May 24.

The victim was smoking outside the bar when she was fatally shot in the head by the perpetrator.

Bagdo went to the bar located in the Beşiktaş district of Istanbul on May 24 with her friends to spend the night.

She was outside the entrance of the bar smoking with a friend when the bar’s doormen stopped two men from entering. The two men then fired random shots in the air from their car as they passed the bar and one of the bullets hit the woman in the head.

The two men sped away after the shooting.

The police have identified who fired the lethal shot after collecting eyewitness testimonies and security camera recordings of the bar and are searching for the two men.