Şuğul Canyon awaits to be discovered

Şuğul Canyon awaits to be discovered

Şuğul Canyon awaits to be discovered

The canyon of Şuğul, located in the Central Anatolian province of Sivas, awaits local and international tourists to discover its natural beauty.

The canyon, home to red-spotted trouts, is also a safe haven for unique bird species, such as starlings, bramblings, blackbirds and magpies.

Some 140 kilometers away from the city center, the canyon, full of willow and almond trees and junipers, is located on a narrow valley surrounded by escarpments.

Other than the nature lovers, Şuğul also attracts the attention of mountaineers.

“From one side to the other, you can tour the canyon in nearly four hours,” Ahmet Hasdemir, the local manager of the Turkish Mountaineering Federation, told the state-run Anadolu Agency.

“There are waterfalls on top of the canyon. Şuğul is one of the most important canyons in the country,” Hasdemir noted.

Ebuzer Bekar, who is a national mountaineering and climbing instructor, is another “Şuğul-lover.”

“The canyon is a significant destination for mountain climbing and nature sports,” he said. “Time to time, I come here and do rock climbing with joy.”

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