Sudden rain hits Turkey’s Marmara region

Sudden rain hits Turkey’s Marmara region

Sudden rain hits Turkey’s Marmara region

Sudden rain hit Turkey’s Marmara region, including Istanbul, following a torrential rain warning declared by the Turkish State Meteorological Service for the provinces in the region.

Heavy rain and thunderstorms struck both of Istanbul’s European and Asian sides on Sept. 10, slowing life down as the traffic ground to a halt.

Those heading to work in the early hours of the day were unprepared for the heavy rain, which especially affected the city’s Kadıköy district, where the D-100 highway was closed for a while as vehicles were stuck on the road.

Traffic density has been measured as 55 percent since the early morning hours, according to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s traffic map.

Local heavy downpours and thunderstorms are expected to continue today around the region.

Sharing the information received from the meteorological service, Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management Agency (AFAD) also reminded the residents that they should be cautious against adverse weather conditions such as floods and lightning.