Spanish Agbar looks to invest in southeast Turkey

Spanish Agbar looks to invest in southeast Turkey

DİYARBAKIR - Anatolia News Agency
Spanish Agbar looks to invest in southeast Turkey

This file photo shows the historic Balıklıgöl pond in Şanlıurfa, one of the regions where Agbar is interested in investing. DHA photo

Spanish-based Agbar, a company which is active in the water sector in 12 different countries and provides water to 200 municipalities in Spain, is expressing interest in investment opportunities in Turkey’s southeast, especially Diyarbakır and Şanlıurfa.

Jose-Juan Gonzalez, who heads Agbar’s Turkish-based subsidiary, Aqualogy Su Kanalizasyon Yatırım and İşletme, said he was very impressed with the region’s economic and social development, according to a statement by the Karacadağ Development Agency, which hosted Gonzales during his visit to the region and organized his meetings.

“Despite the global economic crisis, Turkey’s strong position affords us new investment opportunities. With the Karacadağ Development Agency’s invitation to Diyarbakır and Şanlıurfa, we were able to see the development effects of the Southern Anatolia Project [GAP] dam project in the region and were very impressed,” he said.

Key investment opportunities in the region

Gonzales had the chance to meet with officials from the Diyarbakır Municipality as well Diyarbakır Waterworks Authority (DİSKİ) and discovered that there were important investment opportunities in the area.

“The regions tied to Şanlıurfa house a large population due to the importance of agricultural activities. We can help them with water management,” Gonzalez said.

“If the conditions are appropriate, we can provide financing. We also provide employment opportunities for subcontractors in the areas in which we invest,” he added.

Agbar, which was established 145 years ago, is active in all phases of the water process including drinking water, distillation, customer relations and all aspects of water management, he said.