Some 530,000 people visit Varosha in two years

Some 530,000 people visit Varosha in two years

Some 530,000 people visit Varosha in two years

Some 530,000 people have visited the beaches of North Cyprus’ Varosha in two years since it was opened after some 46 years, the daily Milliyet has reported.

“Varosha was opened to civilians in 2020. Vehicles are still not allowed to enter. One can wander inside the area on foot or bicycles,” the daily highlighted.

Varosha sits on a land of 5.3 square kilometers. Two giant streets, which consist of 3 percent of the compound, are open.

There are two open beaches, one with a length of 250 meters, the other with 650 meters, and four cafeterias that are run by the Varosha Municipality.

Varosha, which was a tourist area of Famagusta city before 1974, was abandoned until 2020.

“There are some 8,000 structures in Varosha owned by some 5,500 people,” the daily said. “Some 437 Greeks, who were living in Varosha before 1974, have applied to a commission showing their deeds to get their structures back.”

According to an agreement, one who applies to the commission will either have to sell the structure to the North Cyprus administration or come and reside.

“Beaches and bicycle tours awakened Varosha. When it will be fully opened, the site will be one of the leading tourism hubs of the island,” the daily noted.

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