Soldier's heroic move saved lives: report

Soldier's heroic move saved lives: report

Soldiers heroic move saved lives: report

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The driver of a military bus involved in an attack in Foca last week saved multiple lives by immediately bringing the vehicle he was driving to a halt, daily Hurriyet reported.

The bus was on the way toward the scene of the first explosion in Foca, which killed one and wounded two others. According to reports, the bus may have tumbled over a nearby cliff if Hasan Furkan Ozmen had not reacted as quickly as he had.

Authorities stated they "did not know yet how he had [stopped the car]" but the act itself was "extremely heroic."
Ozmen in ciritical condition

Ozmen's health, however, is currently in critical condition.

Ozmen's heart reportedly stopped twice as he was being transferred to the hospital. His brain has also been severely damaged.

Ozmen remains in the hospital in critical condition.
One Turkish soldier was killed and 11 were injured Aug. 9, when a landmine allegedly planted by members of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) exploded as a military bus passed by on a road in the Foça district of İzmir.