Socialist groups to gather in new party

Socialist groups to gather in new party

ANKARA - Hürriyet Daily News
Socialist groups to gather in new party

Members of Peoples’ Democratic Congress (HDK) read a statement in Adana. DHA photo

An umbrella organization that brings together Kurds, activists and leftist group decided to establish a political party in its first congress held over the weekend.

In a declaration issued at the end of the two-day convention, the Peoples’ Democratic Congress (HDK) said representatives of different political parties and groups from 64 provinces attended the meeting.

New political party

“The HDK has decided to actively get involved in local elections, presidential elections and general elections by establishing a political party,” read the statement.

The HDK was established following cooperation between the BDP and leftist parties and groups in the June 12, 2011 general elections. The “Labor, Freedom and Democracy” bloc formed ahead of the elections ran with 61 independent candidates in 39 provinces, 36 of whom were elected to Parliament. Twenty-nine of those lawmakers are currently members of the BDP’s parliamentary group.

In a meeting held last October, the “Labor, Freedom and Democracy” bloc decided to change its name to HDK, with a long-term goal of establishing an umbrella party to bring together different leftist groups in Turkey. The statement issued after the congress on the weekend criticized the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), which is a “coalition of religious communities and capital owners.”
“The public opposition can only get stronger by pushing an open and direct political struggle against the ruling party,” the statement said, adding that the HDK will focus on the struggle for labor, democracy, ecology, gay rights and freedoms.

“HDK is aware that it will be the hope and future of the oppressed, the voice for public opposition and will do what it takes to fulfill its duties,” read the statement.