Social media platforms aim to oppress democracy: Minister

Social media platforms aim to oppress democracy: Minister

Social media platforms aim to oppress democracy: Minister

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu states that social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and TikTok are created to oppress democratic governments, adding that the U.S. has been demanding the data of Syrian people from Türkiye for six years.

While giving an opening speech at the 44th Global Privacy Conference in Istanbul, hosted by the Personal Data Protection Authority and where over 130 data protection authorities from across the globe participated, Soylu spoke about the importance of protecting personal data.

The interlocutors of the countries with which Türkiye has contacts request whether Türkiye can help against cybercrimes, “when they go to the backroom apart from the mutual conservations,” Soylu explained.

The truth behind this demand is precisely the fear regarding democratic governments, Soylu stated.

“All countries believe that Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and other such platforms can overthrow their democratic systems and interfere with democracy,” Soylu pointed out.

Soylu also noted that the U.S. has been asking Türkiye for the biometric and personal information of Syrians for about six years.

“Surely, they do not want the data for no reason. Of course, we do not share the data,” the minister explained.

Stating that the U.S. justified its demand of the Syrian data as the sensitivity and security measures concerning terrorism, Soylu criticized the demand and asked, “You are considering the sensitives about terrorism, but are we not?”

“Protection of personal data is a matter of honor,” he added.