Snow warning issued for Istanbul

Snow warning issued for Istanbul

Snow warning issued for Istanbul

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Istanbul Governor’s Office has urged people living in the metropolis to avoid going outside unless necessary in a written statement, citing the expectation of heavy snowfall lasting from noon on Dec. 30 until early Jan. 2, 2016.

“The snowfall expected to start in the noon hours on Dec. 30 is estimated to continue until the early hours of Saturday [Jan. 2, 2016] upon the weather estimate report by the Turkish State Meteorological Service,” the governor’s office warned in a statement released on its website on Dec. 29.

The governor’s office said the temperature is estimated to fall by 8 to 12 Fahrenheit (4.5 to 6.6 Celsius), warning of heavy snowfall, icy conditions and even blizzards.

“It is vital for the elderly, pregnant women, children and people with heart and lung diseases to not go outside as medical staff recommended,” the governor’s office warned, urging people living in the metropolis to well cover themselves up accordingly for the weather conditions.

The warning came a day after the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB) announced it had been taking measures to ensure safe transportation in the city during the expected heavy snowfall.

The İBB released a special briefing explaining the measures taken to counter the negative effects of snowy weather. 

According to the statement, the municipality has spared 1114 vehicles and heavy machinery to be operated by some 5,450 personnel along 4,000 kilometers of road. 

The municipality also designated 360 routes for intervention while the disaster coordination center will track all vehicles with a vehicle tracking system. A total of 26 strategic locations along primary transportation routes have been identified as points of entry and exit to be used in cases of emergency. 

The metropolis’ 52-kilometer metrobus route is set to function throughout the snowfall, with 32 vehicles working to ensure the road remains open. 

In addition to measures inside the city center, the municipality has also formed teams with snowblowers to enable access to Istanbul’s villages. 

An early warning system against frost will also function and warn relevant departments of sudden changes in temperature. 

Reports indicated the municipality has over 240,000 tons of salt and 1290 tons of chemical solution stored for use in clearing roads.