Smuggled animals seized in raid in Istanbul

Smuggled animals seized in raid in Istanbul

Meltem Özgenç - ISTANBUL
Smuggled animals seized in raid in Istanbul A number of animals that were illegally smuggled into Turkey were seized by police as part of an anti-smuggling operation in Istanbul on June 8.

Forestry and Water Affairs Ministry’s Directorate of Nature Protection and National Parks recently received information about a suspect who allegedly brought rare animals into Turkey from abroad.

After an Istanbul court issued a warrant, police raided an address in Istanbul’s Ümraniye district on June 8.  

One Myna crow, one monkey, one European greenfinch bird, one European legless lizard, one cockatoo, one African grey parrot, one yellow-vented bird, one peacock, two snakes and three iguanas were seized in the raid.

Police said the animals, which have been taken under protection and delivered to zoos, had a value of 20,000 Turkish Liras. 
Meanwhile, a suspect who said he was the owner of the animals and the house that was raided was fined 8,481 liras. 

Myna crows live between eight and 10 years and can imitate people’s words like a parrot.