She said 'yes' under the deep blue sea

She said 'yes' under the deep blue sea

ISTANBUL- Anadolu Agency
She said yes under the deep blue sea

A Turkish couple took their first step to marriage under the deep blue sea.

Halil Yılmaz proposed to his longtime girlfriend Müge Hasanbaş on a scuba diving trip in Istanbul.

With the help of Cem Karabay, an underwater sports instructor and a Guinness record holder, he placed eight amphoras and a chest with love notes under the sea.

Yılmaz, 27, came for a trial drive with his girlfriend the very next day.

Unaware of the surprise ahead, Hasanbaş's only source of excitement until this point was making a trial drive for the first time.

When they dove, she noticed the amphoras. Yilmaz took out the love notes from every amphora, ending with a marriage proposal written on a banner inside the chest.

He then took out a ring from his diving vest.

She said 'yes'.