Shanties on pontoons on Seyhan Lake Dam rented for $40 daily

Shanties on pontoons on Seyhan Lake Dam rented for $40 daily

Shanties on pontoons on Seyhan Lake Dam rented for $40 daily

Adana Governor’s Office has started an investigation against the floating barracks built on pontoons and rented for 700 Turkish Liras ($40) per day for boating on the Seyhan Lake Dam, Demirören News Agency has reported.

On monitoring the lake with drones, local authorities found that the “shanties” were illegal structures.

Seyhan Lake Dam is a center of attraction, especially in summer, with lush, green nature surrounding it. Many people who want to get away from the torrid heat of the province prefer to hang out by the lake, picnicking with family and friends.

However, recently, “disturbing images” of the lake have started to appear, the agency reported.

“In addition to small and large boats on the lake, floating barracks were seen now,” it said.

“The number of these barracks, which do not appeal to the eye and create a primitive appearance, is increasing day by day,” the agency stated.

Locals said boat owners rent these floating barracks for 700 liras per day via social media for events such as celebrating birthdays or marriage proposals on the lake.

However, floating barracks will “probably be removed in a short time.”

The Regional Directorate of the State Waterworks Authority (DSİ) stated that no permit was obtained for floating barracks and announced that the necessary work would be started.

“There is no official situation regarding these constructions in our administration,” the DSİ said in a statement. “There is no permission given by our administration regarding these constructions.”

The DSİ highlighted that “necessary studies will be initiated in cooperation with other institutions under the coordination of Adana Governor’s Office.”

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